The next generation of smartphones

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

A new experience

Looks can be deceiving. Apple's "S" models of their iPhone's don't change the physical design of the iPhone at all. So what's new? Well, they introduced a new technology called 3D touch, upgraded their camera to allow 4K video recording, and showed off their new Live Photos.

That's not all...

Apple always has improvements made to their phones that they don't talk about when they are released. This year, they include:

  • A sturdier design to combat "bendgate"
  • The new faster A9 chip
  • Improved Touch ID sensor
  • Faster Wi-Fi and LTE
  • 2GB of Ram (2)
Introducing iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with 3D Touch
iPhone 6S is the best iPhone ever. It's running the most advanced mobile operating system. Combine that with Apple's own hardware and you get the most optimized experience that you'll find anywhere.