The Point of No Return

Why the Election of 1860 was the final straw

What was the Election of 1860?

The first truly sectional election in the United States in many years, pitted the Northern Republicans under Abraham Lincoln against split Democrats under Stephen Douglas and John Breckenridge, with other candidates thrown in between. The victory of Abraham Lincoln convinced the Southerners that the end of slavery and the balance was at and end, causing several southern states to secede.

Effects of the Election and why it is the point of no Return

Effects of the Election.

Lincoln held firm to his stance and dismissed a southern attempt to divide new territories between Slave and Free at the 36 30. Support in North, secession of several Southern States.

The Confederate States of America seceded from the Union and formed their own government, prompting the Civil War.

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Why is this the point of No return?

Because of the sectional interests that were voted for in this election, it meant that no matter who won, one region of the U.S. was going to have their interests promoted over another’s. It was the result of the election of 1860 that prompted the Southern Secession. The new president, Abraham Lincoln, was firmly and unwaveringly against ideas such as the expansion of slavery that many southerners viewed as necessary, leading to the secession of southern states.

Why other options were not the Point of No Return.

While other conflicts in the Antebellum era promoted sectional interests and brought Northern and Southern people and representatives further against each other, the defining moment of No Return was the election of 1860, with Lincoln taking office and the Southern states deciding they no longer wanted to remain in the Union.