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5th edition: January 29, 2016

Teacher Spotlight: Kristen Kapp

If you have a chance to stop by Kristen's room, you'll see students using devices, such as iPads and Chromebooks, to access a variety of edtech tools. Personalized learning is the norm for her planning, and she has steadily added technology to her repertoire this year.

This week Kristen continued her integration of technology in her classroom by enrolling her students in Google Classroom. With a little coaching Thursday afternoon, she was able to get her kids started on Friday morning. Her students joined her Classroom, where they could see an announcement and answer a question that was posted. Kristen got instant feedback in return.

Way to go Mrs. Kapp!!

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Episode 1 features a discussion with Jeff Bracken and Tyler Harris, moderated by Julie Webb. Learn more about how teachers are trying to adjust their planning to incorporate use of Chromebooks in meaningful ways. Episode 2 (to be uploaded very soon!) is a student panel discussion that takes a look at Chromebooks and instruction, moderated by James Wampler.

Good news Android users: Google Play is building its own podcasting service through Google Music, and SCHS RocketCast has been approved to be included as soon as it launches. In the meantime, you can find the podcasts by searching for SCHS RocketCast on SoundCloud (RSS feed).

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I’ve already had the chance to work with a few of you as you either add or deepen your use of a LMS, and I’m excited to see that growth continue. A special thanks to Karen Ceralde for sharing her expertise with at this session – a blended use of Classroom and Schoology is something no one envisioned when we started the year, but I think it is an inspired way to take advantage of the best of both worlds. Vickie Coleman is also blending these tools, so reach out to either of these ladies for support on your own LMS development. And give them a high five for their leadership on this!! :)

I wanted to give you a quick list here of a few items from our session.

  1. I used a site called to build the infographic shown above. Think about using this kind of site to have students create digital posters or presentations. They could use this for a big project or just to capture their thinking on one learning target.
  2. We did a poll using This is something Melinda Turner shared at last month’s tech session, and it really got teachers excited. The part I like the best is that you can use it to assign a quiz as homework – no need to conduct the game live in the classroom using a projector.
  3. Karen talked about how to add questions from an ExamView file to Schoology. Here is a great how-to video on that topic.

Revisit the Behavior Matrix...

Don't feel like you are on your own dealing with negative student behaviors with technology. There are technology specific items outlined there, so use the matrix to help you communicate with students and manage things moving forward.