Cycle 6 Vocabulary Words

October 17-21


Definition: Covered with decorations, often fancy patterns or shapes

Synonyms: Overdecorated, showy

Antonyms: Plain

Example: The Queen of England wears a very ornate crown full of expensive jewels.

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Definition: not friendly or generous, not hospitable.

Synonyms: aggressive, warlike

Antonyms: friendly, sympathetic

Example: Our living room became a hostile environment when the children started fighting over the toy.

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Definition: Representing the most select; Best

Synonyms: Exclusive, Top, greatest

Antonyms: worst, common

Example: He belonged to an elite soccer team that only the best players could join.

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Definition: Extremely Hungry; Famished

Synonyms: Starving, Famished

Antonyms: Full, Satisfied

Example: After two weeks without food, the hiker was ravenous.

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Sparing (ly)

Definition: Not using or giving a lot of something

Synonyms: Frugal, Saving, thrifty

Antonyms: Generous, careless

Example: Mike was using his money sparingly so he could save up for a new house.

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