Michigan Virtual Charter Academy 4th, 7th and 11th grades

Hello MVCA Flint area families!

We at MVCA are confident this testing experience will be smooth for our parents, learning coaches, students, and teachers. To make this a comfortable, positive experience, it is important we are all informed. This newsletter will help answer some questions you may have. Please read through this information and contact the site lead (contact details at the bottom) with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Our teaching team is looking forward to meeting all of you!


Tuesday, April 28th, 8am

Davenport University, 4318 Miller Rd., Flint

Location: The University of Davenport is located next to the Genesee Valley Mall on Miller Rd.

Dates:Testing begins on Tuesday, 4/28. We have the site reserved from Tuesday through Monday in case make-ups are needed, but the goal is to complete testing by the end of the day Wednesday.


  • Registration for the morning is from 8:00 - 8:20 on both Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Registration for the afternoon is from 12:00 - 12:20 on Tuesday and 1:00 - 1:20 on Wednesday.
  • Morning testing should end on or before 12:00, most likely before.
  • Afternoon testing should be done well before 5:00, but we have the rooms until 5:00, and for some it may last until then.


  • Layered shirt/sweatshirt in case you get hot or cold
  • A light snack and/or bottle of water. We will keep these in a designated area, so they will not be at testing tables. Davenport also has a snack lounge with tables, chairs and vending machines in case you would like to bring money.
  • Contact phone numbers for who to call when the student finishes testing.
  • A full belly - make sure to eat a healthy meal before you arrive at the test site.


  • All testing materials (pencils, scratch paper, graph paper, computer, headphones, mouse, etc.)

and testing areas

We will have a sign in area for you upstairs. As you enter the building, please say hello the friendly Davenport staff and thank them for having us. We have used this site for testing in the past, and they are a wonderful group of people to work with!

Just to the right of the entry door is a stairway to the second floor - head upstairs. The registration area will be a room directly in front of you with the door on the right side. Please come in and sign in. The testing will take place in the upstairs classrooms. MVCA is only renting the rooms which we are using for testing. Please read below for suggestions on places to wait while your child is testing.

Before sign-in:

  • Please make sure students have used the restroom. We will have restroom breaks, but it makes testing much more smooth if this is taken care of before sign-in.
  • Free parking will be available right outside the building. Please follow all posted parking signs.
  • Ensure students have no electronic devices with them. If they will need to hang on to a cell phone to call after testing for pick-up, the power must be off, and these will be collected by our MVCA teachers to hold on to during testing.
  • Discuss behavior expectations with your child. Since we are guests of Davenport University, it is important that we respect their building and staff. Additionally, we all need to be respectful of other families and students testing. This is a new experience for many of our families; we want to make it as comfortable and positive as possible.

During sign-in:
  • All students must be accompanied by an adult. Students are not allowed to sign themselves into testing. If you need to make special arrangements for students who walk alone, this must be completed before the day of testing. A handwritten note from the learning coach or parent, signed, with contact information, must be scanned and Kmailed to the site lead, Deb Caton, dcaton@k12.com, no later than Monday, April 27th at 5pm.
  • Please give hugs and say goodbye while waiting in line to allow for smooth check in.
  • No parents or siblings will be allowed past the sign-in location or into the testing rooms, due to test security requirements.

During Testing

Students and MVCA Teachers:

MVCA teachers will greet students in their testing room and help them find their seats. Cell phones will be collected, verified it is powered off, and held on to by the MVCA teacher. Snacks and any additional items students bring will be placed at a designated place in the room away from the testing computers.

Parents/Learning Coaches:

Davenport University would prefer that parents not wait within their building or lobby, since this is a small space. You are welcome to drop your child off and return home. A teacher or your child will call you when they are finished with testing.

As an alternative, Genesee Valley Mall allows for walkers to enter the mall starting at 8:00am. You are welcome to stretch your legs until stores open at 10:00am, then do some shopping. Barnes and Noble is also near the parking lot and opens at 9:00am. This is a very nice retail district, so feel free to grab a coffee (Starbucks and Panera are nearby), grab a bite to eat, or shop (Target is just up the road).

When Students are Finished

When students finish their final test for the day, they will be dismissed during breaks if other students are still testing. When they have been dismissed from the testing room, they will wait with one of our teachers. We will call the phone number provided at sign-in. Students cannot be dismissed without the signature of their legal guardian or learning coach.

Students will not be allowed to leave the testing site or enter the mall during breaks or when they are finished testing until they have been signed out for the day.


The first part of the ELA and Math M-Step, the Classroom Activity, will be completed prior to testing in a class connect session with the student's homeroom teacher for 4th and 7th grade students only. This is a required portion of the M-Step, as it prepares students for the final part of the ELA and Math in-person parts. Students are required to attend the class session. If this is missed, they must stay later on the first day of testing. This may require waiting additional time until a testing room is available. Michigan does not allow students to complete the final portion of the ELA and Math M-step if they have not completed the first Classroom Activity.

First day of in-person M-Step: Students will complete the ELA and math tests. The estimated time is 4 to 4.5 hours, though it will likely be less.

Second day of in-person M-Step: Students will complete the ELA and Math Performance Task portions and the Social Studies test. The estimated time is 4 hours, though it will likely be less.

M-Step is not timed. Students will be allowed to continue working as long as they need. If it appears they will need much longer than the estimated times we will contact you to discuss options. If they finish early, they may be dismissed.

Students will be given breaks between content area tests to use the rest room, stretch their legs, and get a drink of water. MVCA teachers will give directions at the start of testing on what to do if a break is needed while completing a test. (These will be allowed, but students must remain with a teacher until all portions are completed for the day.)

Medical Concerns

If your child has any serious or life-threatening medical conditions or needs medication during testing, please call, Kmail, or e-mail Ms. Deb Caton (616-309-1600 x. 3134) as soon as possible. This will ensure our team is aware and we are able to give you and your child the appropriate attention needed to address any concerns.

Meet the MVCA Flint MSTEP Teaching Team