Review Week 2

April 27 to May 1

5 Class Meetings

See you all Monday through Friday this week!

All class meetings this week are mandatory and graded as an assignment.

Shmoop Review

I will be grading the online Shmoop Review. You have until Tuesday, May 6th to complete as much as you can. I will be generous with the points. My goal for all of you to take the time to go through a top to bottom review of art history. If you have any question about this, please let me know asap.

If you want other AP reviews, let me know...I can create and enroll you in any AP test review.

Monday and Tuesday

  • Image IDs
  • Themes Across Art History
  • Long Essay Questions

Wednesday and Thursday

  • Image IDs
  • Short Essay Questions


  • Image IDs
  • Questions/Concerns
  • Etc...