History of the Early Agriculture

Lord and Lady Aberdeen By Ash10 Fenton

origins dates

In 1859 father Pandosy planted apples in the mission. The fruit business growth has been steady in the past years in the Okanagan since 1880. Since 1905 grape growth improved. 1910 to 85 is when the forty pound apple box began, the box had the logo on the sides of the box. 1930 is when they started putting apples and other fruits on trains to be sent across Canada.

Okanagan fur brigade role

The fur trail was used as the fur trading lands for the Hudson bay company. It was one of two routes. It was also as a transportation trail to bring goods from Kelowna B.C to different parts of Canada for other travelers . Soon after that railroads were made and the goods would go across Canada on trains.

Early History

Lord and lady Aberdeen came from Ireland. lady wanted to try to improve the conditions for the poor. lady Aberdeen created the Irish village at the Chicago worlds fair. The Aberdeen's travelled Canada to the west cost in October 1890. They visited many places in Canada to find land for an orchards. The 480 acres they ended up getting happened to be less money then most, so they got it.

Reason for settlement

The property was intended to be a home for Lady Aberdeen's brother. The ranch was called Guisachan after lady's fathers in 1890. They started planting fruits in 1893 including apricots, peaches, apples, crab apples, cherries, plums, raspberries and strawberries. The price and beauty is what drove them in.

early accomplishments

lord and lady Aberdeen had many accomplishments in Ireland. One of the biggest accomplishments were to benefit the poor. Lady Aberdeen Created the "Irish village" at the Chicago worlds fair. This was made to promote sales for the Irish lace Collage industry.

Legacy Today

Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School was named after the aberdeens. There are many streets in the area on the west and noth side of the Okanagan by them. Today Guisachan House serves as a restaurant. Guisachan Heritage Park is located at 1060 Cameron Avenue in Kelowna.

Driving question

The impact that Lady and Lord Aberdeen had on the growth and development of the Okanagan Valley was the orchards. They didn't just make a settlement in the valley that is known as a restaurant today called Guisachan. Even if father Pandosy was the first one to plant apple trees in the okanagan valley, i still believe that the Aberdeens had a big part on what we have today for the fruit industry. The fruit trees that were planted under the Aberdeens name wer apricots, peaches, apples, crab apples, cherries and plum trees.

Interesting Facts

West Kelowna went through many names in the years. The west side was originally called MacDonalds Plain (1811-1848). Around 5 other names were giving in the past years from 1875-2007. such as Sunnyside (1872-1881), Westside (1901), Halls Landing (1901) and Westbank (1902-2007). In 2007 west bank was called West Kelowna.

Father Pandosy was the first to make a church and school in the Okanagan in 1859. This brought many others for settlement in the Okanagan.