12th Grade Lang. Arts

Media Literacy

Media/Media Literacy- What I Think

Media is, by definition, tools used to store and deliver information or data. With understanding of the definition of media, people in this day and age can interpret that to be related to their daily social networks or network media. Every day people are constantly exposed to media through TV, magazines, and foremost, our daily social networking sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kik, etc. Breaking down the words Media Literate would take the definition of media and combine it with what it means to be literate; (of a person) able to read and write, they become a description of a typical person in today’s time. Today, a Media Literate person is generally one who can understand current text lingo, and the various functions of our social media networks. One of a earlier generation isn’t able to comprehend the paramount interest young adult have with their cell phones, computers, Ipads, etc. Generations have modified into being centered on electronics and the entertainment they bring through various forms of media. Everything from previous generations has influenced the evolved differences in language and daily practices. Media has ultimately consumed the average person’s daily life, as most people spend the majority of their free time playing Candy Crush or checking Facebook, all while tweeting every half hour if not more than that. As unfortunate or amazing as the evolutions of our generation may seem to different people, technology will inevitably continue to grow and develop and consume more and more aspects of the daily life of a person, furthering continuation of media growth, thus improving everyone’s Media Literacy.

Texting is Killing Language

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Journal #4

When I did the Google search of myself, I could find absolutely nothing about myself online. I couldn't even find a link to my Facebook page. I'm not surprised that I didn't find anything about myself because I don't think that the amount of information about yourself that is public is solely based on privacy settings and things of that sort. I believe that the more you find about yourself online is directly related to how much you participate in things that are commonly openly publicized and how much time you spend on the internet. Personally, I have an app for all the things I use a computer for, because I do so little in regards to the internet and things online. Personally, I'm not worried about issues with my information on the internet, because I have never publicized anything that could be used negatively, like my social security number. I keep myself on a low profile and never encounter problems. The only implications this privacy situation COULD have on my life is if I made everything about me public and made things public that would ruin my reputation; which, I don't have anything secret that could be used online and I don't make my life public.