Summer of Activities

In Door County

What kind of Science?

My summer was mostly filled with physical science. My brother and I are very active,we love to run, play soccer, bike, and try new things. This summer we went to Door County and did plenty of physical science. We ran, we biked, we kayaked, we rode segways, and we hiked all day. It was exhausting! But very fun.

What was the most interesting part of your visit?

The most interesting part of my visit to door county was probably segwaying. We segwayed almost two miles on the coast. It was so beautiful seeing all the islands and the lake way so blue it was the perfect day. My family got segwaying right away it was like our second nature but the other family took a while to figure it out. It was so fun and I hope to do it again!

Three interesting facts about me!

Three interesting things about me are I have over 150 cousins who live in China that I have never met, My nick name is Little the Tam (please do not call me that), and I like to play video games.