Figurative Language


Definition- A simile is comparing two things using as or like.

Examples-The fire was hot as the sun.

The water was cold like ice.


Definition-A metaphor is a figure speech saying one thing that is the same as another.

Examples-Purple is coloured stars in the sky

Blue is the sky.


Definition-A onomatopoeia is saying a sound that an animal or other noise they make.

Examples-wolf, oink, moo, beep, zzzzz, click, clank


Definition-Hyperboles are being exaggeration that can't possibly do in real life. It's also comparing two things.

Examples-Zara and young-Zara is so young she can't grow.


Definition-Personificatioin is an object that isn't alive to come in real life.

Examples-The spoon was so strong he bent himself.

The chocolate cried when the girl put him in the sun.


Definition-An alliteration is a sentence starting with the same letter but some words like an or is to make the sentence right.

Examples-She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

My mum makes me mix my mini m & m on a Monday morning.


Definition-Idioms are words that express the meaning that you mean.

Examples-Cost an arm and a leg.

A chip on your shoulder.

"Similes and Metaphors" by The Bazillions
Figurative Language- Personification
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