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Connecting Users to IT

Putting in an IT Help Ticket with Sherpa Desk

The CHCCS ITD team is here to support faculty, staff, and students across the district. When there is an outage, broken device, or other technology issues, CHCCS employees can report these problems to ITD using the SherpaDesk Ticketing System. To submit a ticket, the employee must be logged into Google Chrome with their employee credentials. The CHCCS Bookmarks folder will be visible in the bookmarks bar. Within that folder is a link labeled IT Support Ticket. This link will take the user to a screen where they can submit a help ticket. The IT team will be alerted of your need and will respond as quickly as possible.


Link to the CHCCS Ticketing System

Quick Reference Guide

Video Demonstration

WeVideo: A Subscription for All Faculty and Students

With the increase in the use of Chromebooks across the district, a need for a web based video editing software arose. To fill this need, ITD has purchased a district subscription for WeVideo. Any teacher or student can sign into using their Google credentials. Once logged in, users can upload, record, or edit content. These projects can be shared with other users for creating collaborative video projects. Once completed, videos can be loaded directly to Google Drive for easy sharing of the final product. For more information or training on how you and your students can use this program, contact your school ITF.

CHCCS Goes Live with a New Website

On August 1st, new websites were launched for Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools and each school within the district. These new websites were designed to enable ease of navigation and to keep faculty, staff, students, and the community better informed of the news and events happening across the district. In addition, the URL has also been changed so that these sites can be accessed by going to

This work could not have been accomplished without the help of school ITFs and Librarians who took on the bulk of the work for the school-based sites. When you have a moment, make sure to stop by and thank them for all the hard work they put into your school site!

Google Updates

Gmail Update

Google had updated Gmail. Users will have the option to opt out of the new Gmail until October 16th, but will be automatically migrated to the new Gmail on October 16th.

New Gmail Features include:

Google File Stream

Google File Stream allows you to access your Google Drive Files and Team Files locally on your computer and takes up very little hard drive space. When a user opens a file that is synced, it is streamed to them from Drive. So, for example, if the user had a Word document file stored in Drive and clicked on it, Google would deliver the file and open it up in Microsoft Word for them.

When saved, the file changes would be synced to Drive, and when closed the file would no longer reside on the user's computer taking up space but would instead be stored in Drive.
To download Google Drive for your district device, follow the steps in the documents linked below. If you encounter problems, please put in an IT Help Ticket.