Tennessee Valley Authority

By: Skyler Gooch, Cody Blackwell

Tennessee Valley Authority

The Tennessee Valley Authority is an organization created by Franklin d. Roosevelt in 1933 to provide navigation, flood control, electricity generation, Fertilizer manufacturing, and economic development in a section of the south eastern part of the United States. This program helped get south eastern U.S. citizens get jobs. This program helped relieve the economic crisis by giving jobs and modernizing the south. The Tennessee Valley authority falls under relief in Roosevelt's New Deal Program by bringing electricity and dams to the south. This help gives more understanding about the Great Depression by trying to make jobs for people.

TVA Today

The TVA is still in use today. Although it is smaller now because we are no longer in a depression period.

TVA Video

The TVA is very similar to what it use to be. Although it does not work on dams as much as it did. The TVA now serves 9 million people in the valley.