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Digital Raider Band Music Library

Please do not share this link with anyone outside of HP Raider Band.

IMSLP Website (Free Music!)

Select your instrument and have fun searching lots of music written by composers who are now in the Public Domain!


Penders is a local music company, located in Denton! Feel free to peruse online or take a trip to the store to buy some music - they have method books, solo music, and fun pop tunes!

JW Pepper

Want to buy some fun popular music or a challenging solo? JW Pepper is used nationwide by band directors all over the place! (They also sometimes have more resources than Penders, but shipping can tend to be slower)

Instrument Supply Links

Below is your one-stop-shop for all your instrument maintenance needs. Make sure to restock on supplies before school starts back!

Unsure which supplies your child needs to get started for the year? Visit the Start of Year Supply Refresh Button at the top of this newsletter!

Wenger Practice Kit (sturdy chair and music stand for your at-home practice!)

Tuner/Metronome and Pickup Microphone

Peterson Contact Microphone (sturdiest option)

Korg Contact Tuner/Microphone Combo (Includes Korg TM-60 AND contact microphone)

Korg Tuner/Microphone Carrying Case

Clarinet Reeds: (Don't forget to change the reed strength!)

WWBW Rue LePic

WWBW Blue Box

Amazon Blue Box

Amazon Rue LePic

Bass Clarinet Reeds: (Don't forget to change the reed strength!)

Amazon Bass Clarinet

WWBA Bass Clarinet

Saxophone Reeds: (Don't forget to change the reed strength!)

Amazon Alto Reeds

WWBW Alto Reeds

Amazon Tenor Reeds

WWBW Tenor Reeds

Amazon Bari Reeds

WWBW Bari Reeds

Oboe Reeds:

*Always talk to your lesson teacher first! They might have better and cheaper reed options

Bocal Majority - 5 Pack of Basic Reeds

Bocal Majority - Intermediate Reed Sampler Pack (pick what works best for you!)

Bocal Majority - 5 Pack of Intermediate Reeds (be ready to pick the cut that works for you!)

Bassoon Reeds:

*Always talk to your lesson teacher first!

Bocal Majority - 5 Pack Soft Reeds

Bocal Majority - 5 Pack Medium Reeds


Please review how to take basic care of your reeds! This information is important for the health of ALL reed instrument players.



Cleaning Rod

This is like Ms. Taylor's swab

This is a standard microfiber swab

Reusable pad cleaner (helps stop that annoying sticky sound!)

Double Reeds:

Cleaning Swabs Galore!

Oboe Reed Case

Bassoon Reed Case

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet:

Silk Swab

Cork Grease

Large Reed Case

Small Reed Case

Bass Clarinet Reed Case

Large Bass Clarinet Reed Case


Swab option 1 (can fit through neck too!)

Swab option 2 (very highly recommended!)

Cork Grease

Large Reed Case

Bari Sax Reed Case

Large Tenor/Bari Sax Reed Case

Brass Maintenance Supplies

Valve Oil

Rotor Oil

Tuning Slide Grease


Spray Bottle

Trumpet Cleaning Snake

Horn Cleaning Snake

Trombone Cleaning Snake

Trumpet/Horn Mouthpiece Brush

Low Brass Mouthpiece Brush

Instrument Stands

**I do not recommend using an instrument stand if the instrument is not carefully monitored. However, if you would like to purchase a stand, the Hercules brand is the most trustworthy. Make sure to select the one that fits your instrument**

Find Hercules Instrument Stands Here

Thank You To Our Supporters!

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