The 7 Principles of Government

By Ernesto Almanza


The belief that government should be based on constent people. The Constitution calls for every state to have a "republican from of government".

Separation of powers

The division of basic government rules roles into Branches. the constitution details how powers are split among the three branches.

Limited Government

In American government everyong, citizens and powerful leaders alike, must obey the law. The constitution lists powers denied to the congress.


A system of government where power is shared and divided between a central government and smaller units , such as states. The constitution assigns certain powers to the national government.

Individual rights

Personal liberties and privileges guranteed to U.S. all citizens by the Bill of Rights. It helps shield people from an overly-powered government.

Popular Sovereighty

A government in which people rule. The Constitution rests on the idea of Popular Sovereighty.

Checks and Balences

Each branch of government can exsircise checks, or controls, over the other branches. This is to be sure the branches work together fairly.