Hammarskjold Family Newsletter

April 10, 2023

Tuesday, April 11th is a B Day at Hammarskjold

Important Upcoming Dates, AT A GLANCE:

April 11: Marking Period 4 Begins

April 18: Report Cards Issued

Did you know...

According to a study, misinformation travels 6 times faster and farther than facts. There are antidotes we can teach our children that can help support their overall wellness.

Reminder: Student IDs and Agendas

As previously communicated, students must wear their ID lanyard daily at school. This is for safety and security reasons. Additionally, all students are expected to carry their student agenda, which was issued at the beginning of the school year. This agenda helps students organize and also is used as a hall pass at Hammarskjold. This is a reminder that if students have lost either their student ID or agenda, they are responsible for the cost to replace either, which were originally provided at no cost.

Learning from developmental experiences, like conflict:

The NJSLA Testing Schedule for Hammarskjold:

Big picture

enVision Math K-6 Information and Resources:

enVision is the new math program for East Brunswick K-6 and the district provides information at our website.

Positive Behavior Support in Schools (PBSIS) UPDATES:

Student lotteries are conducted weekly, and will continue throughout the year. The monthly larger prize drawing will be shared with students this week and the December monthly drawing will be shared later this week. Monthly drawings continue through May.

A grand prize drawing of 3 winning students and faculty/staff will be drawn in June too!

Some additional PBSIS (Paws for Success) updates include:

Upcoming activities at Hammarskjold to promote our schoolwide theme of RESPECT:

PBSIS weekly, monthly and yearly activities,

PBSIS kickoff and

End year celebration

Sources of Strength programming

And more!

Bus Races! At targeted times of the year, we bring bus drivers in with a fun, competitive and safe contest where drivers issue paws tickets, and students put these tickets in a special (extra) lottery. Three bus winners were drawn right before break, and a gift card is being issued to the selected student and driver!! Drivers know our theme of RESPECT, which serves to make us all civil, safe and learner-friendly.

Pod Races This is another fun, competitive event organized around PBSIS where the first hallway areas (called Pods) that clear on a given, random class transition, ALL STUDENTS AND STAFF in that area win paws tickets! This is a motivating way to get students and our entire school community focused on timeliness and readiness to learn.

Excess Clothing and Drink Containers Left Behind Daily:

Now that we are settled, these will be removed WEEKLY, so as we announce daily to students, please reinforce with your children to check for their clothing items, in the cafeteria daily, where these are stored. We cannot keep clothes or drink containers at the school. These will be donated to families in need, at the end of each week, beginning this Friday, November 18.

Clubs at Hammarskjold:

Club descriptions and sign up information can be found here. Hammarskjold families are assessed a non-refundable fee for participation in most extra curricular activities. The non-refundable fee for joining each club is $15. In addition, any costs associated with the club will be paid for directly by students, often through fund raising.

Fees and registration are through the COMMUNITY PASS Portal. If you do not have your Community Pass information, please contact Financial Services at (732) 613-6674. Leave a message and someone will return your call.

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR AFTER SCHOOL CLUB & ACTIVITY REGISTRATIONS (Includes all clubs and After-School Sports & Fitness Program)

Communication Procedure at Hammarskjold

The Hammarskjold administration believes in the importance of the link between school and home. This link provides the foundation for a successful learning experience for our students. We value regular communication between parents and those charged with educating your children. It is in the best interest of your child if, when there is a matter that you wish to address, you do so as follows:

  • Contact the staff member closest to the issue that you would like to address. Most often there will be a resolution with this first contact.
  • Next, if necessary, contact the grade level administrator.
    5th Grade… Sara DiMaggio

    6th Grade… Enoch Nyamekye

  • Finally, if the matter has not been resolved, you may contact the principal.

It is reasonable for you to expect a prompt, though not immediate response. You should hear from the person whom you contacted within one school day, barring unforeseen circumstances. Please understand that we are busy with many facets of school life but your concern is important to us and we will make every effort to partner with you to help your child develop during their upper elementary school years.


Main Office: 732-613-6600

Attendance Office: 732-613-6897

Nurses’ Office: 732-613-6896

Transportation: 732-613-6740

Student Services/Counselor’s Office: 732-613-6845

Upcoming Newsletters and Events:

Newsletters will be sent to families, on a weekly basis with important details, information and reminders provided.