Underage Drinking

Why shouldn't we do it?

What is it and why?

Underage drinking is when someone under the age of 21 decides to drink alcoholic beverages. This is obviously illegal because 21 is the legal drinking age. Some teens start in Middle-school, high-school and some start in college. Of course, there are many problems associated with underage drinking so why do it?

Problems Associated with Underage Drinking

You may be thinking, "Why can't I, it won't hurt anything." But it will. You brain is still in the process of developing through your early twenties. Alcohol hurts your brain development, and may impair your judgement and make you get involved in risky behavior. It also causes addiction and makes you more at risk in becoming an alcoholic or a drug addict when you are older. So what should you do? Wait. Wait until you are at least 21 to drink alcoholic beverages.

Binge Drinking in Teens

Binge drinking is when a person drinks with the intent to become drunk or intoxicated. Underage drinkers tend to do this more than people who can legally drink because they think it's the fun and cool thing to do. Trying something new is something all teens love to do. They want to see what it's like to get drunk. But what about the consequences?

Other Consequences

  • Sit out in sports
  • drunk driving
  • Violence
  • Pay fines
  • Bad reputation
  • Hurt yourself and the people around you
  • head aches
  • hangovers
  • vomiting
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Many more

Lowering Drinking Age

  • Why?

Lawyers want to lower the drinking age to 18 because they want something to blame college "accidents" on. There have been 1,800 deaths, 100,000 rapes and 700,000 assaults do to underage drinking in a college setting.

  • Why not?

Giving teens the chance to actually drink will in fact increase the alcohol usage in teens. So, the lower the legal age, the earlier people will start.


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