self portrait

by-Marcos esparza

what is a self portrait? what are self portraits called today? why do artist create self portraits?

a portrait of an artist produced or created by that these days, they are called Midas.they create them to practice their artistic talents

what is the first recorded self portrait?

a spoken self portrait selective and arranged by Richard meryman from recorded conversations with the artist 1964-2007.
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who is known for the most self portraits in history

Vincent van gouf
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what is the most famous self portrait,how is self portrait like an autobiography?or is it.what is a symbol.

the one of van gogh's. its like an autobiography because the picture describes their mood and how they act for example,responsible.a thing that represents or stands for something else,especially a material object representing something abstract.

why do artist use symbols obvious or hidden in their self portraits?what is is a persons identity revealed in the use of a self portrait?12.

yes because the Mona Lisa has allot of secrets.the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.because of the title.if i did a self portrait i would put happy colors and do it with a pencil very neatly and very calm
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