A Peek at Our Week

May 3, 2016

Thank You!

I'm sure feeling appreciated for Teacher Appreciation Week! I've received the most adorable handmade cards and drawings from my students! They're so sweet! Thank you also to the parent who dropped off the anonymous surprise package today! It was a very thoughtful act of kindness.

I feel very fortunate to be your child's teacher! I absolutely love what I do! Teaching feels more like a hobby for me than a job I have to do each day! I'm so excited to spend my days with these kids!

Grammar & Writing

It amazes me how much these first graders have learned this year! Watching them write complete sentences, stories, and now these cute friendly letters this week is impressive! We're also learning all about pronouns. Today we learned that pronouns are nouns in disguise! Students helped me make the anchor chart shown above!

Spelling Words This Week

  1. moon
  2. tune
  3. flew
  4. blue
  5. fruit
  6. soup
  7. door
  8. enough
  9. toy
  10. coin

Sight Words:

answer brought busy door enough eyes

Big image


We just started our chapter on adding and subtracting two digit numbers! It's a little difficult for first graders to remember to start on the right with the ones place. They're so used to reading from left to right! I'm thrilled with how well they are doing! We're moving right along and will be regrouping with two digit numbers very soon!

ABC Countdown Parent Help Needed

We have a few events coming up that I would love to have some help with or items donated. Please just e-mail me if you can help. I've also listed important items your child will need for upcoming events! Thank you so much!!

  • Friday - Kids Bring Lunch (Just a Reminder)
  • 5/12 - Potato Chip Day (Donate Chips for the Class)
  • 5/16 - Rainbow Fish, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Cups needed for the Root Beer Floats! Also, if there's a parent that would like to help me make them at 1:15, that would be great!
  • 5/18 - disposable lunch needed for your child
  • 5/20 - Need a case of water bottles for our class
  • 5/23 - watermelon cut up for each to be served a little