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Back to School week of August 17

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ELA updates from Marny

  • We are finalizing the purchase of phonics Units of Study virtual instruction materials which directly correlate with the Phonics Units of Study materials, K-2. Once this purchase is complete, we will discuss as coaches. This should be very soon.

  • We cannot link to Phonics Units of Study resources or Word Study resources in our itslearning courses.

  • Our K-3 phonics instruction will be much more systematic than any year in current memory. This is state law; we do not get a pass on this, regardless of current parameters. Therefore:

    • FOLLOW Calkins’ Phonics Units of Study in K-2 lesson design and order; (but only phonics)
    • FOLLOW Fountas and Pinnell’s Word Study, 3rd grade, lesson order, 1-100;
    • use corresponding materials that align with the specific kit of the grade level
      • Use the corresponding alphabet linking chart with the same publisher; use what comes with your grade-level kit
      • Do not use Fountas and Pinnell alphabet linking chart in K-2, even though that is what we have previously used. Use UoS linking chart, student and teacher copies of which are included in each kit
      • In 3rd, use the Fountas and Pinnell alphabet linking chart, a copy of which is included in each kit and linked in online resources
      • Do not stray from the program in the grade level, K-3, just because we have something else we’ve always done or seems more familiar, comfortable, or we already have created things for it…. Use UoS and Word Study.
      • Use what was purchased and please follow the lesson sequence indicated in the curriculum.
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District Document about teacher/student virtual learning responsibility

CCISD Instructional Insider- July

Teachers will be working with teams digging into this during the first week back on campus.

Weekend Air

We will run HVAC and Lighting in office and classroom areas the weekends of August 15th / 16th and 22nd / 23rd to allow for extra prep time for the start of school.
Parr Reopen Safely Plan- Campus Procedures

This document is a work in progress. The link is live and will continue to be updated. There is a date/ timestamp in the footer so you know when it was last updated.

Library News

A couple of points to note about fair use:

  1. If someone is in a live TEAMS session (synchronous) and wants to read a story, that falls under Fair Use. One important clarification is that they must pause the recording in TEAMS while reading the material.
  2. If written permission is obtained from the publisher, then the recording can be made. It would be best practice to share the written permission with the librarian so we can have documentation.
  3. If a teacher asks a student to read and record to check for student understanding, fluency, etc that would be allowed under Fair Use with the understanding that the recording would be sent only to the teacher and not posted for others to access.
  4. You can not do a screen castify or other recording of digital online books without publisher permission. As an example, neither Capstone or Tumblebooks allow for screen recording of their online interactive books.
  5. The district is investigating additional ebook / audio book platforms. Once that platform is selected, we will begin purchasing resources with the 2020-2021 budget.

We will continue to update this permission form if / when publishers change permissions. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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