Calli Gutierrez


In the world, humans are forced to migrate to certain areas for many different reasons. No matter how large or small the problem may be, there is always the option to migrate. People could migrate due to big country or state problems like war, natural disasters, poverty problems or local problems such as family issues, education and jobs. Migrating to a new area could be very difficult for some people because they are not adapted to what is around them or who they are now with. There are different cultures of people all around the world that have all mixed due to migration. This creates a cultural mosaic. Each and every person are completely different. Since everyone is different, it is making one big mosaic of everyone in the world. Mosaics are made by who you are. Your culture, your likes, your dislikes, favorite things, etc. Social groups are a very important part of mosaics. There is a social group for everyone. Or, in other words, everybody has a place to fit in. Also, some social groups mix and get along with each other. If this did not happen, there would be a lot of conflict between rivalry's. The people take the biggest part in conflict and cooperation and why people live where they do.

The Real World

Migration is a large part of the world. Migration is the reason the population numbers are what they are. As I said before, there are many different reasons why people migrate. Weather, war, education, poverty are all real world problems for some people. In the real world, people in Brazil have a current problem with the Zika virus. Due to this, people might be migrating to other areas to keep themselves and their families safe. Migrating could save their lives but put others in jeopardy because they could spread it.

By everybody in the world being different, one giant mosaic is being formed. The places where people live, their culture, their heritage, their likes & dislikes, and their occupations are all creating a mosaic. For example, people in Boston enjoy New England sports but people that live in other states are going to enjoy their state teams. Or, how different heritages have different traditions that they do on holidays. Mosaics could be stereotypical but it is just a way of showing how the society lives.

Humans balance everything out. In the world, there are different social groups within high schools. Usually, the well known people are the ones with all the power but if something bad happens to them, the power shifts to another group. This can have a positive effect because those people might have been in charge and mean but if they are not anymore, it would make people happy. It could have a negative affect because people could lose friends or other bad things could happen. Also, there are larger conflict and cooperation problems in the world between gangs such as the Bloods and Crypts. Human migration and conflict and cooperation between social groups happens all around the world.

My Life

In my life, my family has never migrated as a whole. We have been living in the same house our whole lives. However, we all migrate everyday for reasons such as school and work. In the summer, my family usually migrates over to somewhere tropical for a week or two. Migrating is an everyday part of my family's life, just not to the extreme where we have to leave the town, state or country.

My family is also makes up a mosaic. Each and every one of us is different in our own ways which makes our family our family. Although, we share the same relations and heritage, our likes and dislikes are very different. My sisters and I could enjoy different activities or enjoy celebrating different holidays. Our occupations are different as well. My sister is older and has a job but I am young and still have to attend school. The things we do alone and together is how my family is made up.

Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict in families because everybody plays a different role. My parents have conflicts by having to make sure we have enough money to afford our needs. By cooperation, my mom and dad both have jobs to help each other balance out the costs. My family has priorities and if those priorities are not done, it creates a conflict but by all being cooperative, we can all take a part to get it done.

Bullets & Ballots

For the game, I was apart of the Army & Wealthy. We had all power, we were very rich and if we wanted to be violent, we could. In the beginning of the game, my group wanted what was best for the people, a democracy and help for the peasants. As the game went on, nobody trusted us, our ideas or our treaties which left us with only our power. Mostly everybody had a treaty with each other except us. All of the other social groups were very against us. The peasants were weak but were gaining power because they combined with the guerillas. At the end of the game, Army & Wealthy used the takeover card assuming we would win the game. However, everybody became one and the United States took all power and my group was left with nothing. Conflict and cooperation occurred between social groups during the game because not everybody trusted each other but some did. There was definitely more conflict because Army & Wealthy needed a way to earn the trust of others. Tables really turned towards the end of the game and the outcome was the complete opposite as assumed.