Crisis in Ukraine

Cross Roads At Crimea

Whats Happening in Ukraine?

Most of Crimea is part of the Russian ethnic group so most of its residents are loyal to Russia. the rest of the residents are ex Nazis deported by Stalin in the 1940s. Crimea is home to 2.3 million people.

Crimea is a very strategic advantage for Russia as it is there key to the Mediterranean Sea. Russia has been illegally moving war ships into Ukraine's Black Sea. President Obama is in the process of sanctioning Russia. The rest of the EU will most likely follow Obama in the sanction.

Since America is "the worlds police" America is getting involved more more to this crisis. Every since Ukraine kicked out their president and started to hide, Putin decided to help the former president hide and take his chance to gain more land.

Although America will never put forces on the ground in Ukraine because of the military response by Russia and China. if America went to war with Russia and China it would undoubtedly be world war 3. America will have many allies against Russia and China. China and Russia will have many alliesw also.