Dwight D. Eisenhower

Election of 1952

  • Republican: Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Democrat: Adlai Stevenson
  • Eisenhower won with 442 electoral votes and 33,314,992 popular vote

Election of 1956

  • Republican: Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Democrat: Adlai Stevenson
  • Eisenhower won with 457 electoral votes and 35,579,180 popular vote

Rise and Fall of Joseph McCarthy

  • Senator Joseph McCarthy accused Secretary of State Dean Acheson of employing 205 communist party members.
  • This gained him a major national recognition. Eisenhower disliked McCarthy but he didn't say anything publicly.
  • McCarthy went too far when he attacked U.S. army. The army fought back and american's started to hate him. Few months later the senate condemned him for “conduct unbecoming a member.”

Desegregating the South

  • December 1955, Rosa Parks, a college- educated black seamstress, refused to give up her seat.
  • She was arrested for violating the Jim Crow laws,
  • Sparked a year long ,Montgomery bus boycott, where the blacks boycotted the city buses.
  • Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas in May 1954. They ruled that segregation in the public schools were unequal and unconstitutional.
  • The governor of Arkansas, sent out the National Guard to prevent 9 black students from enrolling in Little Rock's Central High School.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1957: Established a Civil Rights Commission, but had little real effect .

Vietnam War

  • Ho Chi Minh tried it get help from a United States against French
  • In March,1954 when French were trapped at Dienbienphu, Eisenhower's aids want to bomb Vietnam Minh
  • Eisenhower held back, fearing there was going to be another war in Asia
  • Vietnam was split at 17th parallel
  • Vietnam was split into two parts, communist north and pro-Western south
  • Secretary Dulles created Southeast Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO)
  • It provided little help

Space Race

  • Soviet scientists in October 4, 1957, launched a satellite named Sputnik and after that they send a larger satellite weighing 1,120 pounds and carrying a dog.
  • This shattered American Self Confidence.
  • "Rocket Fever" swept through the nation.
  • Eisenhower established National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In February 1958 the United States managed to put a grapefruit-sized satellite into space.

Republicanism at home

  • Decreased government spending by decreasing military spending, trying to
  • His secretaries criticized free distribution of anti-polio vaccine
  • Eisenhower cracked down illegal Mexican immigration
  • Rounded up 1 million Mexicans and sent them back to their home country
  • Kept many of the New Deal programs
  • Built 42,000 miles of Interstate Freeways
  • AFL merged with CIO to end 20 years of division in labor Unions
  • Refused to issue of statement regarding Supreme Court's decision on integration, but he privately hated it
  • Congress passed first Civil Rights Act since Reconstruction.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  • Aimed to mobilize the vast power of black