Costa Rica

The best country to visit!!

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Capital & Major Cities

Costa Rica's capital is San José. Other major cities in Costa Rica are Limon, Quepos, Jaco, and Alajuela.


Costa Rica is a very old country. It goes back to the 16th century when it was controlled by the Spanish. Thankfully, on September 15, 1821 Costa Rica regained their independence. To this day, Costa Rica remains independent but Spanish is still the official language.
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Geography Of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a large variety of physical features. The country is located in Central America. To the north is Nicaragua, to the south is Panama, to the east is the Carribean Sea, and to the west is the Pacific Ocean. Physical features of Costa Rica include plains, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, dozens of rivers, gulfs, and peninsulas. A few of the rivers are the Chirrpa, Frio, General, San Juan, and many more. Some of the gulfs in Costa Rica are the gulf of Dulce and the gulf of Nicaya.

Political & Diplomacy Info

Costa Rica's type of government is Democratic Republic. The president is Luis Guillermo Solís. This country is allies with many other countries. It is a member of the International community and a member of the United Nations (UN).

Economic & Trade Info

Costa Rica's currency is the Costa Rican colón. They have a capitalist economy. Costa Rica imports refined petroleum, cars, packaged medicaments, integrated circuits, and printed circuit boards. Imports come from Untied States, Mexico, China, Japan, and Panama. Costa Rica exports bananas, tropical fruits, medical instruments, office machine parts, and integrated circuits. Exported goods go to United States, Netherlands, Mexico, China,and Malaysia.
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Tourist Info

People should definitely visit Costa Rica. Wether you're the type to relax on beaches, or adventure through new lands and see new things, Costa Rica is for you. This beautiful country has everything from relaxing beaches, lush jungles, great surfing waves, various tours, to scuba diving, exotic animals, and fresh foods with fruit grown on local farms. There are many things you an do. You can go windsurfing, visit and go up-close to dormant volcanoes, venture through the jungles, go on a tour or two, and meet new people. Costa Ricia has it all!
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