Thoughts On Same-sex Marriage

Why it should be legalized.

Why do so many people make some things such a big deal?

Gay marriage should be legalized because it gives rights to others, doesn't affect anyone individually, and more people will accept it once it happens.

Everyone deserves rights

Everyone deserves rights no matter who they are or what kind of person they are. If only a handful of people get rights, there would be no peace in the world. Citizens would be arguing and debating 24/7.

Does it really affect YOU?

How would you feel if the one you love was forbidden from you? See, the thing is straight couples and homosexuals need equality. For instance, if a homosexual was admitted in a hospital the parents could say they don't want their son/daughter's significant other in the room. They can't show their love for each other in public for fear of public humiliation. You wouldn't appreciate being ridiculed for who you love, so why do you ridicule others?

Same-Sex Marriage: Normal or Not?

Some people reason that if same-sex marriage is legalized then children will be taught in schools that it is okay to do those things with the same-sex. Adolescents require a father and a mother in a home setting, because lack of a fatherly or motherly figure often causes trouble in the adolescents mind, especially with dating. Most same-sex married people are willing to go the extra mile to provide a healthy lifestyle for a kid. Same-sex parents do not promote discrimination in their children's life, making them a better person all around.

What can you do?

Here's what you can do; ignore or accept the fact they love each other like you love your significant other. Love and be loved, simple as that. Don't like it? Move on, it's not your problem.