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week of September 23, 2013

We plant trees not for ourselves, but for future generations. ~Caecilius

Your education is like planting trees! The things you do today will help YOUR future! Take all that you can get out of each day!

  • Attend class connects for time with your teacher daily
  • Work through each lesson, take your time, do not rush!
  • Ask questions!!!!
  • YOU are worth the investment! The more time your invest, the deeper your roots of education become, the stronger potential for your future!

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What's happening in Study Island?

Create a report: tips for parents!

Creating a Report and Using the Study Island Benchmark Test results:

  1. Log-in with the student account
  2. Click on My Reports
  3. Select Individual Summary Report
  4. Click on Benchmark Total – this produces an individual benchmark report for the parent for the subject
  5. Look at the % correct the student received in each of the areas (the # refers to how many questions were asked for each standard)
  6. The student should do extra practice on the standards in which they scored low—the parent can get an idea of specific indicators for each topic by looking at the completed lessons in the student account for each subject and which ones the students have received blue ribbons. (70% correct on total questions) The lesson topics without blue ribbons should be the highest priority in working toward mastery and/or extra practice.

There is still time to finish your MATH and READING Scantron....

Go to:

•School ID: 53-1309-5704

•Student ID: check with your advisor if you need this

•Complete MATH and READING assessments only

If you have any problems, please contact your ADVISOR!

Students' Spotlight


The week of September 23....Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Fri

Many locations throughout the state! Check the link below for a location/time near you!

Meet OHVA staff face to face to support you and answer your questions!


Use this link to record your student's attendance from an OHVA event.

Don't forget to mark the time at a Face-to-Face event in your weekly attendance log!

We want to hear from YOU!!!!

Thank you to those of you who responded to last week's poll! The majority seemed to answer "somewhere in the middle" with your feelings about school!

For any questions you do have, please remember to contact your Advisor, Teachers, School Counselor and Principals for help! You have a TEAM to SUPPORT you!

Are you unsure how to access your courses?

Click HERE for a short video tutorial!

Check back each week for different how to's!

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