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Manufacturing and Uses of Hutterite White Goose Duvet Covers

Many people may wonder about the word Hutterite, as it’s an uncommon word amongst linens. Hutterite refers to Amish or Mennonite colonies which are considered equivalent to Noah’s Ark due to their social structure and cultural beliefs. Hutterite White geese are a part of this highly civilised and religious colony. These geese are considered to be well built and have sparkly white and clean feathers as this society endorses maximum cleanliness. The feathers of these geese are one of the best elements to use as fillers for luxury quilts and comforters. Their feathers are preferred for several reasons such as

• Cleanliness

• Softness

• Fluffiness

• Light weight

• Germ free

• Chemical free

• Spores free

• Mites free

These characteristics make the Hutterite White geese feathers as the most preferred fillers for duvets. Hutterite White Goose Duvet Covers are as essential as the duvets themselves. These soft quilts are quite expensive and need proper maintenance and protection from moisture and pest damage as they are not naturally resistant to dirt and spores. Certain online linen retailing companies such as SleepSoSoft provide a range of unique duvet covers which make them simply irresistible, be it the colour, the fabric or the quality.

These covers are manufactured with different kinds of dust resistant fabric meant mainly to protect and enhance the longevity of the duvets.

Why should you use Duvet Covers?

There are a few very simple reasons why Duvet Covers are used, which are as follows:

• The first and foremost reason being the cleaning issue of duvets. It is almost impossible to wash a goose feather filled duvet, but of course it has to be cleaned to be maintained, so using Hutterite White Goose Duvet Covers for your Hutterite Whilte Goose Duvets is a huge protection. You can simply zip up your duvets and then take them off for a quick wash in the washing machine.

• Next reason being duvet covers are made out of certain special linens like bamboo rayon and cotton which are highly anti-bacterial and dust resistant. Hutterite White Goose Duvet Covers do not allow mites, spores or other pests or insects to get through to your duvets or geese feathers inside them.

Types of Hutterite White Goose Duvet Covers

SleepSoSoft is one of the very few bamboo linen retailers who have introduced the concept of special covers for Hutterite White Goose Duvets. This is for one simple reason that these soft quilts need special and tender care. There are mainly two types of Goose Down Duvet Covers.

• Bamboo duvet covers which are made from 100% pure bamboo fibres as bamboo linen manufacture is their primary initiative. These covers provide high-end protection and preservation from any damage to your white goose duvets as they even minimize the effect of harmful UV rays, absorb moisture instantly and are micro organisms resistant.

• Cotton duvet covers are another alternative for bamboo duvet covers as they certainly have similar features though bamboo linen is predominantly better

Among all these covers the teal duvet cover deserves a special mention due to its royal, elegant and gorgeous colour.