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What comes in your kit?

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Quick Start Guide

Everything you need to know can be found in this Quick Start Guide. It is complete with:

  • how to create the best book possible
  • ideas for what to create a book about
  • steps to getting your books ready to be published
  • a checklist to complete your project
  • tips for publishing success
  • and (my favorite)... ideas or how to celebrate when your published pieces arrive!

*I'd be more than happy to work alongside you to start, work on, or complete these books at any step of the process. Please call or email me and let's get started!

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Pack Slip and a copy of your CLASS LIST (NO id #s)

This is a VERY important part of your kit that you receive NOW and will turn in to ME, completed, on APRIL 19! I do NOT have extras so if you think you might misplace it then just return it to me NOW.

You will turn this packing slip AND a class list (NO student IDs) in to me with your kits.

*If you have students PURCHASE copies of the book please highlight their names on the list.

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Teacher Discount Coupons

Are you in love with your classbook? Would you like to buy a few copies to hand out at the end of the year? Are you interested in purchasing one for the campus library? Or what about purchasing one for our Principal?

If you said YES, then use the coupons to purchase up to 4 extra copies of your book for only $10 each (regularly $18.95).

*Or, I bet you could use them if you have a student that REALLY wants one- perhaps you could talk with the parents and have the them pay you cash ($10) and you use the coupon to pay for their copy. (but you didn't hear that from me)

Class Book Kits Also Have...

Individual Book Kits Also Have...

Ideas for Inspiration:

Are you having a lack of creativity or need more ideas? Check out this site of fabulous examples or check with your Instructional Coach!

More Information

I would be happy to come talk to your class about creating a class book or an individual book. Just let me know.

I would also love to support a class through this process. If you are interested, please just let me know.

I will need to ship kits out on April 19th. I know this date is early, but in order to guarantee they are here before the last day of school this is our date. We will need to meet to turn in your kits.

Due Date: April 19, 2016 - be on the lookout for a sign up. I will be sitting with each teacher to be sure we have everything complete. If you finish early we can meet early.

Have questions or need support?

Contact Darby!