Taylor Talk Tuesday -August 20

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Upcoming Events

8/21- Kona Ice visit

8/22- Back to School Bonanza at Stricker's Grove

8/29- Grades K-2 Curriculum Night

9/4- Grades 3-5 Curriculum Night

Off to a Great Start!

We have had a great beginning to the year! Students have settled into routines quickly and classrooms are taking the needed time to establish a classroom culture so that everyone feels safe in the room and is treated with respect. They are also practicing routines and procedures so that we can move quickly when we begin to dig into the curriculum!

Arrival and Dismissal Reminders

  • This year, we will begin to unload cars each morning beginning at 8:30. If you choose to park and walk your child to the door, we ask that you please park in a parking spot and only cross at the crosswalk.

  • We will begin dismissal a little earlier this year. Car riders will be dismissed beginning at 3:40 each day. Parents who wish to park and pick up their student needs to make sure they are in a parking spot and they must come to the sidewalk to pick up their child. For safety purposes, all students should be crossed at the crosswalk.

  • We ask your cooperation in pulling forward as much as possible or as directed so that we can unload or fill as many cars as possible.

Dismissal Changes

We will no longer take dismissal changes over the phone. To ensure the safety of our students, dismissal changes must come in written form. This change note should be sent in with your child in the morning. If something comes up that requires an unforeseen change, the change will need to be sent via email or fax to our office. As stated in our handbook, we will not take dismissal changes after 2:30.

The Purpose of Kona Ice

Kona Ice is a monthly fundraiser that we do to support grade level field trips and allow for incentive trips to be free of charge or at a very little cost to students. Kona Ice is offered on recess to that students who do not wish to participate can continue to have fun. Students are encouraged to not come home and ask for money but to come home and work to earn money for their Kona Ice.

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2019-20 NWLSD Technology Fee Information

The Northwest Local School District is excited to provide our students in grades K-12 with the technology needed to transform their learning experiences. We are committed to giving our students equitable access to digital opportunities that will prepare them for life after high school. Through the use of technology the District wants to ensure that each student experiences a technology rich learning environment that ensures all students will have personalized opportunities to develop the 21st century skills necessary to be productive citizens in an information-driven, global society. To learn more about the NWLSD Technology Plan and Vision visit https://sites.google.com/nwlsd.org/nwlsd-curriculum/nwlsd-technology-plan

In order to support this mission, the District Technology Department will be adding a new Technology Fee of $10.00 for students in grades K-5 and $15.00 for students in grades 6-12, starting in the 2019-20 school year. This technology fee will be assessed to assist the District in maintaining technology hardware that supports our District’s technology plan and vision. The cost of repairs has more than doubled in the past two school years as more technology has been put into the hands of students. In order to protect our investment in technological devices for students, protective cases will be purchased, initially for all middle school devices and groups of high school students who will be taking devices home daily. This fee is less than the technology fees charged by other school districts in our area. Ross charges $75 per student in grades 5-12 per year. Forest Hills charges $50 per semester to rent a district owned device. This new Technology Fee will go into the Technology Department budget which is used to purchase devices, protective cases, and items needed to repair devices such as new screens, keyboards, etc. All curriculum materials, including online resources, are paid for out of Curriculum department funds.

What does the Technology Maintenance and Repair Fee cover?

First incident of accidental breakage: For incidents where damage to the chromebook is from a student’s FIRST ACCIDENTAL breakage the cost of repairs will be covered 100% by the NWLSD Technology Repair and Maintenance Fee. Parents will be notified of the claim and the claim will be recorded. The student will be issued a loaner device while his/her device is being repaired. The same rules, conditions, and policies apply to the use and care of the loaner chromebook while it is checked out to the student.

Additional incidents of accidental breakage: For additional incidents where damage to the chromebook is an ACCIDENTAL breakage the cost of repairs may be the student/family’s responsibility. Building administrators will make the final determination regarding the cause of the damage and the technology department will determine the cost of repairs. The student may be issued a loaner device while his/her device is being repaired. The same rules, conditions, and policies apply to the use and care of the loaner chromebook while it is checked out to the student. Incident history is maintained while the student is attending grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12. First accidental damage claims are not reset each year.

What does the Technology Maintenance and Repair Fee NOT cover?

Negligence, vandalism or intentional misuse/damage/breakage: For incidents where it is determined that the chromebook is damaged, broken or vandalized due to negligence or an intentional act, the student/family will be responsible for the entire cost of either repairing or replacing the chromebook.