Alcohol and the Body

by alexis hyser

how it gos to the bloodstream and through your body

Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the stomach. The remaining alcohol is excreted through the urine, perspiration, or breath. In average it takes 1 hour for alcohol to reach the bloodstream, Depending how how much you drink is as long as it takes to get through the bloodstream.

how alcohol effects cells in the body

the drink goes to your body tissue. The effects of alcohol intensify as the concentration of alcohol in the blood increases. alcohol poisons the heart cells. it also affects the way liver handles fat cells.

effects of the skeletal system

drinking alcohol causes your body to loose different things that your body needs. it also affects the calcium that your body and muscles need.

it effects your immune system?

Drinking alcohol affects different parts of your immune system different parts that help you get ruined by alcohol.

Alcohol and the brain

alcohol affects your brain in many ways such as the way it works and messing with the connections that go through your brain to other parts of your body. it also affects control movement and lots of other things.