Katty the Caterpillar

Only $9.99 including shipping and handling!

Your kids will love it!

When you get this toy your kid will love to play with it! There is a hand insert so that you or your kid can make it crawl! Your little one with spend so much time with you and Katty! This will be one of your child's favorite toys!

What is Best for Your Child and Why!

If you have a child that is under 5 years old then you should make it crawl in front of them! You can even make them try to catch it! If you have a child that is older then 5 then you can make it crawl or they can by themselves! This toy can even help your child with shapes, colors, and counting the legs and spots! You can watch your child grow with this toy!

We Treat Your Family Like Our Family!

Here we want to keep your child safe while they have fun. This toy has no Latex. It also has no choke able pieces except for the eye which is very secure on this product. We are also using high quality, durable, and child safe paint.