MCVSD Summer Programs

Unwind & Engage

Wild Writing: Nature & Environment @ HTHS (July 19-23)

A year of screens has made us all long to connect with the natural world around us. Did you know that spending time in nature has been shown to lower stress levels, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve your mood? Nature is all around us, but too often we fail to really see it. Spend the week immersing yourself in nature and practicing your observation and writing skills with Ms. Gross and Ms. Kelterborn. Over the course of the week, we will create a nature journal, practice translating our observations into creative nonfiction and poetry, and learn from classic and contemporary nature writing. Who knows- you might even come up with an idea for your college admissions essay!

Creativity & Self Expression through Writing & Discussion @ AAHS (July 26-30 & Aug. 9 -13)

This student centered course will engage students by employing writing and discussion as strategies to promote individual confidence, creativity and self expression. Over the course of the week, we will explore topics through large and small group discussion, collaborate together, and create portfolios of original, personal writing for each student. Students are expected to bring a notebook or a laptop.

Object-Oriented Programming @ HTHS (July 19-30 & Aug. 2-13)

Supplementary instruction to prepare HTHS students for the College Board AP Computer Science A curriculum by exploring the development and implementation of algorithms with objects written as classes.

Fusion 360 @ HTHS (July 19-30)

HTHS students are invited to attend Fusion360 week-long program with the new AutoDesk CAD software requirements. Seniors will use the web based CAD software for senior Engineering Design & Development course to create prototypes on the school 3D printer.

Power Tool Safety & Instruction @ HTHS (Aug. 2-13)

HTHS sophomores are invited to receive instruction in large format tool safety and technique to qualify for technology lab operations. Band saw, drill press, scroll saw and power disc/belt sander will be covered in the one week course. Written & practical exams will be administered at the end of the course.