Welcome to Newton, NC

Right here in Catawba County

Just a little bit about Catawba

Catawba was founded in 1842 in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Its neighboring counties are Alexander, Caldwell, Burke, Iredell, Lincoln, and Mecklenburg county. Its county seat is the lovely city of Newton. Catawba County got its name from the Native American tribe that was kind to the first settlers and helped them so much starting out.
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Reasons to drop in and visit us sometime

Feel like watching a baseball game or two and relaxing? Well we have several teams that you can watch in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Want to take a swim or work out in a gym? we also have a lot of gyms and exercise facilities some of which have indoor pools and we have a few public pools. Here you can also play tennis, go jogging, and hiking. Also visit one of our many parks like Bakers Mountain Park or Riverbend Park. Or you can visit historical sites like Murray's Mill. If you like hiking you can also visit Anderson Mountain or Bakers Mountain.

About Newton's Government

Newton is run by a Council-Manager form of government. That means the Governing body, which is made up of the Mayor and the five members of the Board of Commissioners, chooses the County Manager who oversees activities of various departments of government. the County Manager is Tom Lundy.
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