May News

News from Room 208

The school year is quickly coming to an end, but some of our most exciting activities are just beginning! For example, the students are in the process of opening their very own "flower shop" as part of our drama centre activities. The children are also busy making their very own wrapping paper, cards and flowers to name just a few of the things that they are doing. We are also planning a trip in the near future to the Beaches Library to watch a play. Stay tuned for more updates on these fun and exciting events!

Now with the nicer weather arriving, we will be able to enjoy additional outdoor play time. We plan to bring out the bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balls and sand toys to enjoy time playing outside. Proper footwear is essential! As the weather gets warmer, many children like to wear flip-flops. Just a friendly reminder that flip-flops are not the safest footwear for outside play. Please make sure your child still has a pair of running shoes for playing outside. Also, the weather can change quickly. Having layers of clothing to put on or take off ensures your child's comfort during the day.

Our First Mystery Reader!

Message to our mystery reader ....

This lovely piece pictured above was written during Circle Time with the help and input of most of the students in Room 208.


Many of the children have started to take an active interest in the reading process which can range from actually reading text and understanding what they are reading to simply using their phonemic skills to sound out words. If your child does not have a firm grasp of their alphabet letters and their related sounds by this point, please continue to work on these skills at home. With this knowledge, they will have an easier time learning to read. All the letters have been introduced and we will continue to review them in class during our daily morning message. Please continue to practice reading the levelled readers with your child and use the levelled readers to review some of the sight words found in the book.


The Juniors will continue writing numbers to 10, and the seniors up to 100.

The children worked very hard last month learning about the various Canadian coins and their values. When you are shopping and need to pay for something using cash, ask your child to help you find the coins you need. Seeing the importance of what they are learning by applying it in their everyday lives makes their learning more meaningful and enjoyable. If your child has a piggy bank and you find that you have some spare change at the end of the week, ask your child to identify the coins. Perhaps if they get them right, they can put those coins in their piggy banks!

This month, the students will also be able to apply their knowledge of money by learning how to make change in our "flower shop" which will be opening soon! "Working" at the "flower shop" will also allow the students more opportunities to practice their addition and subtraction skills.

In the weeks ahead, we will also be looking at starting a new unit on "Probability" - the kids will be introduced to learning more about the concept of chance and differing outcomes.

Science Inquiry

In Science, we have been investigating the signs of Spring. We have been learning about the various parts of a plant and what they need to grow. We have planted some bean and pea seeds and are looking forward to planting more as the weather continues to improve.

Book Bag money put to good use!

Newest additions to our classroom library.

Thank you!

Thank you for allowing your children to bring in some of their sport items to be used in the store. Your support is much appreciated!