IR Governmental Affairs

Monthly Newsletter Issue 1 / 2016

Introducing myself

Dear Colleagues,

To many of us the European Union and the regulation that is decided in Brussels remains somewhat of a mystery. As I have been working in Brussels the last ... years I would like to use the opportunity and present you with this IR newsletter which I will be sending out on a monthly basis. It will be short and informative, giving an overviw of ongoing legislation and its possible impacts on our business as well as shedding a /spotlight' on a selected area/topic/institution within the EU.

I would be happy to receive your input and questions or maybe even suggestions for a topic of one of the following editions.

What is this all about?

A European Energy Union will ensure that Europe has secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy. Wiser energy use while fighting climate change is both a spur for new jobs and growth and an investment in Europe's future.

The EU's Energy Union strategy is made up of 5 closely related and mutually reinforcing dimensions.

  • Supply security

    Diversifying Europe's sources of energy and making better, more efficient use of energy produced within the EU.

  • A fully-integrated internal energy market

    Using interconnectors which enable energy to flow freely across the EU - without any technical or regulatory barriers. Only then can energy providers freely compete and provide the best energy prices.

  • Energy efficiency

    Consuming less energy in order to reduce pollution and preserve domestic energy sources. This will reduce the EU's need for energy imports.

  • Climate action - emission reduction

    Renewing the EU Emissions Trading System, pushing for a global deal for climate change in Paris in December 2015, and encouraging private investment in new infrastructure and technologies.

  • Research and innovation

    Supporting breakthroughs in low-carbon technologies by coordinating research and helping to finance projects in partnership with the private sector.

Vice President for Energy Union, Maroš Šefčovič

Together with the Commissioner for Energy and Climate, Miguel Arias Cañete, the Vice-President and his staff manage the Energy Union, aiming at achieving a comprehensive and holistic approach in order to fully implement the so called european energy single market.
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