Wolverine Wellness

New Year = New Initiatives!

Know Your Numbers!

We've all heard that health experts recommend that you "know your numbers". Just exactly what numbers are you actually supposed to know?

The Wolverine Wellness committee has compiled just a few of those "numbers" for you to track throughout the year. Please plan on attending one of the baseline assessment sessions during workshop week (see schedule below).

You will measure things like your:

Blood Pressure

Body Mass Index (BMI)


Large Muscle Movements

Walking/Running :) (Don't panic...it's very minimal!)

Please plan on wearing comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. We will provide everything else! Your assessment will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Participants can come any time during the one-hour time frame.

Participants will receive:

-Community Expert Help

-5 Wolverine Wellness Tokens

-A Healthy Snack

-Bottle Water

Baseline Assessment-Session #1

Tuesday, Sep. 1st, 3:30-4:30pm

Gaylord School Big Gym

Baseline Assessment #2

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 7-8am

Arlington School Main Gym

Baseline Assessment Session #3

Thursday, Sep. 3rd, 4-5pm

Arlington School Main Gym