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SECTION 1 : Back Ground

Lewis Carroll was his fake pen name of Charles Dodgson author of the childrens classics Alices Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. He Wrote and created games as a child. Born Jan 27, 1932 Died Jan 14, 1989

SECTION 2: Early Life

Born January 27, 1832 In Daresburg Chesire England , United kingdom.

His name was Charles Dodgson his name as an author , He was the eldest boy in a faimly of 11 chlidren, Charles grew out of infancy into a bright , articulate boy. In early years he was educated at home & and was a Mathematically brillant.

SECTION 3: Education

All his life Carroll was a scholar when he was not a student he was a teacher

He did not begin his formal school until the age 12 he was home school till 12

He enrolled at Richmond Grammar School. Carroll matriculated at Christ church

At Oxford in 1851 and stayed there for 47 years

Section 4: Profession

A prolific writer , Lewis Carroll wrote a lot of novels n short stories and mathematical works

He also contributed his analysis and critique to political pamphlets

Section 5: About His Poem

His Most famous writings was Alice's adventures in wonderland And Through the Looking-Glass He is noted for his facility at word play logic and fantasy and there are societies dedicated to the enjoyment of his works and and the investigation of his life in many parts of the world