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Did you know on average 43% of Americans rent due to not enough money saved for down payment costs or low credit scores? Are you currently renting an apartment or home? Have you ever looked to see how much money you are wasting when the lease is up just to have a roof above your head and a place to sleep at night? You waste 100% of what you spend on renters costs and this isn't even a place you can truly call home. When does enough become enough?


There's more to it then just the money being thrown away. How about the loud neighbors keeping you up all hours of the night? How about not having a backyard for that family Barbecue? How does it feel to live in a place for a year, then be asked to pay more to stay? How much is your pet deposit? The list goes on...
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Do you see your monthly rent payment on the chart provided below? Have you ever calculated how much you are spending over a 10 year time? If your rent is higher then what you see, you don't even want to know how much your are throwing away. This is money that you will never see again and could be invested into a home!

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You have a sense of freedom. You have a place for your family to call home. A place where you can let your pets run free and have the life that was meant for them. Whether it's the breathtaking view outside your patio or the feeling of a warm fire after a long cold winters day. Home is where the heart is.
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Professional credit analyst with White, Jacobs and Associates. Services at WJA include challenging the inaccurate information on a credit report for permanent deletions (public records, collections, late payments, repossessions, inquiries, etc.) advanced education in the world of credit and how it works, adding trade lines to establish credit, debt settlement, student loan consolidation, and much more.