Creating a Character Profile

Analyzing the Mysterious Benedict Society-Aubrey Hatch

World Class Outcomes and 4C's

  • Evaluate how authors are strategic in creating meaning with more elements and more complex text
  • Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Protagonist- Constance Contraire

Constance Contraire is one of the four protagonists in the Mysterious Benedict Society. She is extremely defiant and stubborn and throws temper tantrums. She also has a knack for writing insulting poems. She seems like she would drag the team down, but her stubbornness comes in handy. She has a strong loves for the truth, which is why she was chosen for the Mysterious Benedict Society. Although she pretty much failed the test to get in, something about her defiance and impatience made her stand out.


Constance is a round and dynamic character because Constance was described in great detail, and she has many good but more bad traits about her. Through the story she undergoes important changes, like saying please, which is big for her. She isn't flat because is a major character, and not a minor one. Constance isn't static because she does undergo important changes.

Indirect Characterization

I think that Constance was developed indirectly, becuase I had to infer what to think about her. For example, "A most amusing child. Rhonda how many pencils did you say she brought?'

"37,"Rhonda said with a shake of her head."We tell her to bring 1 and she brings 37." This brought me to infer that she is a feisty little one, and she doesn't like following rules.


Constance is to patient as anger is to joy.

Constance is to stubbornness as milk is to cookies.

Constance is to tall as a giant is to short.

Constance is to secretive as Sticky is to quiet.


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