Green House

By: Ellis, Charlotte, and Tanya

What would be the cost to implement vs. savings it would allow? How will you raise the money to carry out your plan?

C- The average is for a 8’ x 20’ is $2,418. We spent $150,000 per year for vegetables. We would be saving 147,582. We will raise money by starting a bake sale.

A- We would need to clear a area by the pavilion or by the front of the school. We would get science classes to come out and learn about the plants and the cycle. But we could get a club for planting and management. We would be using it at school to grow food for our cafeteria so they would sell more fruits and vegetables. We would grow green beans, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, red bell pepper, cucumbers. Ellis

How is the green house saving energy and money?


It saves a lot of money, because then they don't have to pay for the trucks to bring them food. It stops a lot of energy, because then the trucks don't have to come and go. It stops gas from going into the air and polluting things. The greenhouse will bring lots of oxygen. It helps places that are unhealthy or non wealthy, so they can't afford as healthy food. Building greenhouses near those places will help them live longer and eat healthy. Greenhouses help the environment and the lives of everyone.

Who would install and how would they maintain the plan?

Charlotte: We can manage our greenhouse with the science team. Mrs.Erdmans and Ms.Stouffs 4th classes can make green groups to help out and manage it. One day of the week during class or after/before school for about 20 mins we can plant plants and water them. We can work on planting, fertilizing, weeding, and growing. We could also go out during advisory also.
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