7th Grade End of Quarter Event

March 11: Chinese New Year Theme

Morning Plan


Dream Team Test

Lyd sent out Cool Ray Schedule

Show Video from Amber's Friend

Bruce Lee Biography

Show Chopsticks How-To Video

Great Wall of China Video

Great Wall of China History: Mongol Invaders part 1

Hello from Afar...

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee In His Own Words

11:00 Pre-lunch Chopstick Video

How to Hold & Use Chopsticks the Right Way!


  • Eat with the students
  • Distribute Chopsticks in the Lunch room
  • Diagram on each table about how to use chopsticks
  • Cafeteria is serving Rice and Orange Chicken/Teriyaki Beef
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Afternoon Schedule

Rotation 1: 11:55-12:25

Rotation 2: 12:30-1:00

Rotation 3: 1:05-1:35

Rotation 4: 1:40-2:10

2:15-2:45 Lantern Ceremony Outside


1. Origami

2. Zodiac Signs

3. Science/Fireworks Video

4. Voting/Favors/Fortune Cookies

Origami (Math)


  • Origami Book
  • Origami Paper


  • We have enough origami paper that students can make two pieces
  • Provide extra white paper for students who would like to do more

Zodiac Sign/Chinese Birth Year (LA)


  • Workbook for Zodiac Sign
  • Workbook for Chinese birth year
  • Multiple 1/4 copies for the kids to color
  • Chinese New Year Laminated Place Mats


  • Students will color each of their two signs
  • Write their name in Calligraphy (on Standard Copy Paper)
  • Create their own zodiac description of themselves by pulling descriptions from each.

Fireworks Video (Science)

Fortunes-Favors-Voting (Social Studies)

Chinese New Year Story Great Cartoon Video for Little Kids Story time Kids


  • Fortune Cookies (1 per student)
  • Pencils (1 per student)
  • Bookmarks/Fortune Tellers (students pick 1...NOT BOTH)
  • iPads


  • Students will take the Character Counts Survey on Canvas (on the top of LA page)
  • Students will eat fortune cookies (keep their fortune)
  • Receive a pencil and a favor

Science Demonstration-Outside 2:12-2:45

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Chinese Lantern Character Counts Ceremony 2:12-2:45

Students will go outside and have a seat (weather permitting). Teachers will announce each character trait and the Dream Team and Cool Ray student who was voted on by their peers.

  • Teachers will light the lanterns
  • We will announce each person
  • When everyone has been called we will then have the students release the lanterns.

We will probably need to talk to Kevin about a fire extinguisher.