Lance's Ledger

March 23 - 27 at Central Elementary

Purposefully Positive

Several positive actions initiated by staff members this past week were noticed. Among these actions:

  • Positive office referrals from Mr. Bolton and Mrs. T. Smith citing examples of student leadership and modeling of Cardinal Code;
  • Sending students to the office to share student growth in reading as indicated by DRA assessment results. Thanks to Mrs. Kuzinski, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Fritz for allowing me to share in the celebration. It was uplifting to see the smiles on kids faces and the pride in teacher's eyes!
  • Comforting an anxious student during the First Grade performance. Thank you Mrs. Lane! You sat the student on your lap as if she were your own child. :)
  • Mentoring a student during the lunch hour as to how to make contributions to his school. Thank you Mr. Caryl!

Thank you to all the others who also took time to praise when it may have been easier to criticize. You make a difference. You empower children...our future!

CAP Holds Science Fair

Students in Mrs. Kirchner's and Mrs. Stuart's classes held their annual science fair on March 19 and 20. Fellow students, parents and families visited the fair on March 19 and 20. Students stood by their projects and shared their research findings. It appears we have some budding scientists on our hands.

This Week at Central

Monday, March 23

- Lance at DMS in AM for Grade 6 Hahn HIV/AIDS presentation with Karen Vobach, R.N.

- SRG Training DMS Community Rm. 4:15 -6:16 PM (Kuzinski, T. Smith, Griggs)

- Week 3 reading logs due

- Teachers pass out Week 4 logs

Tuesday, March 24

- CST Meetings/Data Room

- Lance out of building until 11 AM

- Week 3 reading minutes due on Google Doc

Wednesday, March 25

- PD 7:15 AM in Library: Academic Vocabulary

- CST Meetings 8:40 - Noon/Data Room

Thursday, March 26

- Principals' Meeting (AMR) 9:30 - 11:30 AM

Friday, March 27

- Fire Drill #4

- Monitor Meeting 10:30 - 11:15 AM in the Data Room (LT subs should attend)

- D.E.A.R. (2 AM & 2 PM)

- SuperPOP Day (Reading Reward)

Looking Ahead

March 30...Lance @ GISD H,S, & N for CPR Training (8:30 - 12:30)

March 31...Stephanie and Lance at Gates to observe Data Day (PM)

...Report Card PD with E. Chorley after-school

April 1.......Jean's Day for Cardinal Care Fund

......Table of Honor (11 AM - 1:30 PM)

April 2.....No School for Students

.....PD (3 HR.) 8 - 11 AM; K-12 PE at Central; Music & Computer Location TBA;

Counselors & Speech Pathologists location TBA w/ Mrs. Halabicky;

Grades 1- 4 and R.R. Teachers at AMR. Tpoic: Math Exchange K-6 with Matt Lobban & Linda Funsch.

.....Teacher Work day in PM. Teachers may work from home.

April 13....Return to school from Spring Break

....Student grades due for report cards by 4 PM

....Central Open House 5-6:30 PM

...Board of Education Meeting 7 PM

April 14-15...Report Cards Printed

April 16...Report Cards sent home with students

April 17...Elementary Scheduling Training for Principals and Secretaries/

Central Computer Lab from 12:30 - 3:30 PM

April 21...Parent/Teacher Conferences 4 - 6 PM

...PTO 6:15 PM in Gym/Supt. Lieske guest speaker

Fire Drill Update

Our fourth fire drill of the year is scheduled for Friday, March 27. New legislation enacted last year sets parameters and times of year when fire drills must be held. Given the weather pattern in Michigan this means we may need to get a bit creative this Friday if the temperature dips. I will be monitoring the weather and advise staff of the Friday plan as the week progresses. Depending on the forecast for Friday we may hold our drill first thing in the morning and have kids report to rooms with their coats rather than stop at their lockers; or wait until late afternoon if temperatures are forecast to make it into the 50s. More on this as we approach Friday!

Computer Lab Access/M-STEP Preparations

The start of M-STEP testing is a little over a month away. Third and fourth grade teachers have requested some extra computer times to work through sample online test items with students. This may involve switching some "extra times" with First and Second Grades. Technology Teacher Wendy Hogg is also working with third and fourth graders to support teachers and ensure students have an understanding of how to use the online tools that will be available during M-STEP testing. Thanks to Wendy's tutelage our students already have been practicing their keyboarding skills for quite some time. This is helpful as students will have to employ their online writing skills during the tests.

Third and fourth grade teachers will also need to review the administration manual released last Thursday. The link was emailed to you and teachers will find specific page references for your attention in the table on Page 1 of the Overview. Please be sure to review these instructions before Wednesday. I will also send additional correspondence regarding a detailed training session for third and fourth grade teachers. All third and fourth grade teachers will need to attend the training.

School Improvement

Kudos to Melissa Barraco and Melissa Jones for their leadership as co-chairs of School Improvement. This past week our Self-Assessment report was submitted in ASSIST. The data regarding our strengths and areas identified for improvement will guide us in finalizing future goals and strategies. This will also help determine priorities for spending as we go forward. Simply put, if it does not directly impact student achievement we should not be spending money or time on strategies or items that do not advance learning. "Convenience" is not a reason to devote valuable resources to a project. "People are our greatest resource" and we need to look at creative ways of helping our team work with students to develop deeper understanding. As Jodi McDaniel shared at our last staff meeting when we reviewed Star Math Historical Data, "We teach 500 ways to do things but don't have time to practice." Jodi's statement has wisdom in that we need to look to the "power" strategies and teach them well. Deeper direct teaching can make a difference and result in higher achievement for all students.

Have a great week. Continue to stress Cardinal Code lessons and follow up through your class meetings. Stay positive and upbeat with students and each other. Spring is in the air and a well deserved break is coming soon! We have a great staff and together we can make an ever bigger difference in the lives of our students and their families. Through our words and actions we are all teachers!

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