The Best Emperor

Shout shout shout! Kangxi was the longest reigning emperor of China. He also improved in wealth and luxury.He was the second emperor in the Qing dynasty.He was also a master of Confucianism. He came to the throne at the age of eight. Then he ruled for 61 years. Kangxi was important to China because he brought the yellow river under his control along with Taiwan. This made China have more power. In conclusion he was a very good emperor.

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Sui dynasty

Building was the cornerstone of the sui dynasty. The sui dynasty lasted for 38 years. They also expanded the great wall. They also dug/made the great canal. They united china. And the did with just 3 emperors. After emperor yang was killed the dynasty collapsed. In conclusion the sui dynasty was a pretty high achiever.
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Cultural feature The Temple of Heaven

  • Bow Bow Bow. People are praying in the Temple of Heaven. It makes offerings to the heavens. It is also a sacrificial site for the Qing and the Ming dynasties. The emperors used to provide seasonal offerings. It is 2.5 miles. It was made in the 1420’s. It was also called the son of heaven.
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cultural feature forbidden city

Imagine wandering from room to room in a large place called the forbidden city. It lies in the center of the city. It was a palace for 24 years. It is sometimes called the purple palace. It can also be referred to as the palace museum. It is the world's largest complex. It has 8,700 rooms. In conclusion the forbidden city is a pretty amazing structure.
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Physical feature The Gobi desert

  • Crawling thirsting for water through the gobi desert. It is the largest desert in Asia . It measures over 1,600 km. It is fifth largest desert in the world. The gobi desert has many different names in china. It is also a cold desert. In conclusion this is a large desert.

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Physical feature The Hukou waterfall

  • Psshshshshshshshsh! The Hukou waterfall is a 33 yard drop. When you visit there is mist all around it. When the water falls it has tremendous power. You can hear the water rumbling all day every. Smoke comes of the river often. And when you get at the right angle you can see a lot of rainbows. In conclusion the Hukou waterfall is a very pretty site to see in china.

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