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February 19, 2016

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We are... GOWER WEST!

Reading by Danny and Luke

We were busy this week in reading. First we read, Luke Goes to Bat. That book had a message to never give up. Then we took our reading books to read about Jackie Robinson. Did you know he was the first African American to play on a professional baseball team? We also did an activity on Schoology. It was a comprehension activity where we had to answer questions about what we read. It was a great week during reading.

Math by Max and Jackson

In math, we are learning about, addition, subtraction, comparison bars, and missing addends. We are adding in the tens and subtracting in the tens. We are also working on Multi Step word problems. Every day we do Xtramath to continue to build our fact fluency.

All About Matter In School Field Trip by Taj and Travis

At our in school field trip on Tuesday, February 9th, we learned about many things. We learned about solids, liquids and gas. First we experimented with little white rocks and were given food coloring to drop in the rocks. We could have mixed the colors together to make a new color too. We kept mixing until the scientist said stop. Then after that we put soap in a container and then got a special tool to squeeze green vinegar into the container. At first it started to go up but then it started to go down. Then the scientist left. I think this was the best in-school field trip ever!

Interview with Mrs. Anderson by Adrienne and Peyton

Here are some interesting things about Mrs. Anderson, the school nurse, that we learned during our recent interview.

What is your favorite tool to use? Her favorite tool to use is the thermometer.

How many people do you help in a day? The most people she helps in a day is 25.

Do people get hurt and come to see you? Yes, especially during recess.

How does it feel to help kids and make them feel better? She likes to help kids when they get hurt.

Do you still need to study? Yes, She needs to study a lot still.

How many years have you been working as a nurse? She has been working for 4 years.

What was the worst injury that you had to help with? A seizure

At the end we thanked Mrs. Anderson for letting us interview her. We learned a lot!

What's Going on in Special Classes by Jenna and Maya

For special classes we have P.E., Art, and Music.

In P.E. we do all sorts of activities. We do things like jump roping and rock climbing on are new rock climbing wall. Als we do the pacer and play scooter tag. Those are some of the fun things we do in P.E. Currently we participated in Jump Rope for Heart. So what we do is we donate money. We also get little pups when we donate money. In P.E we have partners that we do all of the activities with. We also do a little dance in P.E. It is very fun! Our P.E. teachers are Mr. Mohuiddin and Mrs. Spaulding.

In art class we make so many projects. One of the first project we did was that we made a dog and people moving. It was super fun! Also we made a landscape. Right now we are working with clay. We are making owls so we can use in music class. Clay is very fun! So in the end we’re making rattles. We just wrapped little balls of clay in napkin one by one then we put it in one of the pinch pots and put the pinch pots together. Art is a really great subject!

In music class we learn songs. We are learning songs for our 2 grade concert. We are learning so many songs! In music class our teacher is Mrs. Hoff. Mr. Hoff is really nice. We can’t wait to do our second grade concert! Mrs. Hoff has taught us so much the second grade concert is going to be amazing! These are all the things we do in special classes!

Lunch and Recess by Tatiana and Sophie

Lunch is in the cafeteria and recess is on the blacktop or playground. We have lunch time at 11:50 and recess is at 12:10. At lunch we eat things like spaghetti & meatballs with a loaf of bread. Tuesday 2/16/16 we are having Italian meatball sub, Turano bread, carrots and dip. At lunch children that have cold lunches go to the table to eat, but children buying hot lunches go to get their lunch. Then they pay for it off their account. Then they go to get their milk and a straw. They can get chocolate or regular milk. There is also dips to pick from like ketchup, mustard, and ranch. If you finish lunch in time you could get a snack. At the end of lunch we go to recess. At recess we jumprope and play hopscotch. Also at recess we play things like Tag, Hide and Seek, and Simon Says. At the end of recess we line up and go inside.

Fun Fair

Friday, March 11th, 5:30pm

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