New Economics Party Unconference

Icebergs Ahoy! Charting a New Economic Course

Help us formulate policy for a new economic direction – one that works for all life, a post fossil fuel economy

We know the current economic and political system is not working. The growth imperative is built into the very money system we use, while we exist on a set of illogical tax laws and an intrusive welfare system. Inequality is widening and the alarming rate of climate change makes it imperative to find and implement better solutions. We believe these are largely economic solutions.

New Economics Party Unconference

Friday, May 29th, 4pm to Sunday, May 31st, 7:30pm

The Tele (backpackers), Corner Rangiuru Road and Tasman Road, Otaki Village

The event will be run as an "unconference" -- a format which lets the participants decide what will happen and where the weekend will go. We believe you will find this more stimulating and satisfying, and the only outcome we are hoping for is a more organised social and political movement for far-reaching structural change. If you are interested in suspending your views on tax, advocating a basic income, thinking of better models of governance, and wondering about currency design, then you should be there. Proceedings will be recorded and excerpts put on Youtube for those who simply can't make it.

However there will be at least one time when we have an 'expert' to speak. For instance we open the conference at 7.30 Friday and by 8pm will have Professor Steve Keen online from London via Skype at 8pm talking about risks to the global economy. Steve is Head of the School of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University in London. His expertise is in debt and deflation.

On Saturday feminist economist Prue Hyman will be set off the day talking about Basic Income. We will also have Karl Fitzgerald of Prosper Australia beaming in at 1.30pm to talk on the commons – sharing the rents from resources. The rest will be run as Open Space

Register by going to the homepage of our website where there is a link to the registration form

Venue The Tele in the village near many food outlets, supermarket walking distance

This is the meeting room, comfortable, adjustable. Free wifi. Adjacent kitchen. Also adjacent meeting room for break out conversations and planning. We will be streaming in resource people live on the big television screen. To book accommodation phone Duane Watt 06 364 0634 or for billets ask Morgan Le Quesne phone 06 368 3908

Who is involved?

Deirdre Kent, Phil Stevens, Rex Verity, Margaret Jefferies, Morgan Le Quesne, Carol Winstanley, Emily Williams and many others. We are expecting about 20- 25 to the conference for a stimulating weekend. In an era of global risk, we want to design a political economy based on the designs in Nature. We plan to combine monetary reform, tax reform, a basic income and governance reform in a completely new way – a way that is politically possible. Let's give our children and grandchildren a real future!

Register by going to the homepage of our site here


Register by going to the homepage of our website here