Darius the Great

By: Natalie Siegler, Felicity Orona, and Johnny Drake

King of Persia 522-486 BCE

Darius belonged to the Achaemenid family. He built the palace cities of Susa and Persepolis. Persepolis was later burned by Alexander the Great in 330 BCE. Darius was defeated at the Battle of Marathon. While under the rule of Darius, the Persian empire reached its greatest expansion stretching as quoted “from the Scythians, who are beyond Sogdiana, to Nubia, from the Indus (province) to Lydia”

Greatest Accomplishment- Persepolis

Darius the Great had many accomplishments, however his greatest one was the palace he built in Persepolis. It was founded in 518 BCE, although more than a century went by before it was finally completed. His plans were for it to not only be a seat for the government, but also a place for festivities and receptions. Even though it was burned down by Alexander the Great, the ruins still lie at the foot of "The Mountains of Mercy" which is 850 kilometers south of the current capital city of Tehran.
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Was Darius the Great a good leader?

We believe that he is a good leader because he was able to give the Persian empire its biggest expansion. He also built two wonderful palaces. Even though he lost at the Battle of Marathon he still lead a great rule and was part of the dynasty.