the mice of men

a thing about a character

who is Lennie

Lennie is a very tall very strong man. the problem with him is that he is M.R. by acsident he is a murder, of Curley's wife a rat and a dog.normally he is nice but not knowing he does bad things not mean but bad. he is really a sweetheart.

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why are George and Lennie running

there running because Lennie did something in Weed ( the town they lived in ). George saw only one way to get out of trouble and that was to run

In the end

The end for Lennie was when he accidentally killed someone. after this Lennie ran to a place were only Goerge could find him. but when George find him he sits Lennie down on a rock. tells Lennie about there dreams and George gave Lennie the most painless thing he could a fast death.

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