Which has many cool places to go to


Californian is an awesome state with so many things to offer.

You will learn about cool facts. the many resources it has.It has cool land form.

And a few cool places to visit. ant thare interesting climate. i hope you learn alot about California


California has many resources some are crops and manufactured goods. one type of

crop is Strawberries. one manufactured good is airplanes. That is only two of the many resources in California


California has many land forms such as Redwood Forest and Death Valley. the tallest trees grow in Redwood. red woods grow up to 300ft tall. Death valley has the lowest point in the nation. that is just 2 of Californias landforms.

State Facts

California has many state facts one is that is that the state tree is the California Redwood. next is the California Grizzly bear. That is just two of the many state facts.

Cool places to visit

California has a few cool places to visit Alcatraz island is in San Francisco. Workers built Alcatraz in 1859 to 1963. when it closed they named it the rock. Workers built it on a rocky area. that is one of the golden states land forms.

Redwood national park is near Crescent city. The park opend in 1965. the tallest tree in the world is 385 feet tall people can swim,fish,camp,have a picnic ant you can have a nice view. that is one more of the golden states cool places to visit.


California summers are almost without rain. exept the occasional thunder storm.

the northern side gets 100 inches of rain. during the winter storms come over the state from the pacific. that is Californias climate


California is an ANCREDAMAZING place to vised. have told you about about the many resources. Some cool land forms and fun facts. and the interesting climate. I hope you will visit California some day.