Lucia Ashley

What are some interesting facts about the demographics of Honduras?

One interesting fact that really stuck out to me was the demographics of Honduras. There are about 8.5 million people that live there. Of those people in the large population, there is an ethnic groups that stood out to me the most. The one group of people are the mestizos. Mestizos are people that are a mix of Spanish and other European immigrants. Out of the demographics, those are the two facts about Honduras that really stuck out to me.

What are the names of the famous people from Honduras?

There are two famous people who, in fact, came from Honduras. Luis Moncada was born on July, 18 1977 in Honduras. He was known for his role as "Marco" in the American television show, "Breaking Bad." Another famous person is America Ferrera. America Ferrera was born on April 18,1984. She is an American actress of Honduran descent. She is known for her lead role in the American television show,"Ugly Betty." She was also the voice of Astrid in "How to Train Your Dragon" and "How to Train Your Dragon 2."

Honduran Music

There are many different music styles that people in Honduras listen to. Some of the styles are: Merengue, Marimba, Punta, and Pop Latino. The instruments used in Honduran music are conch shells, guitars, and the marimba.
Music Of Honduras

If you listen to some of the songs, you'll find most of the instruments used.

Honduran Foods

Have you ever been to a Mexican restaurant? Most likely, you would see the typical enchiladas, rice, and beans. It's interesting how the foods in Honduras are made. Breakfast for them in the mornings are baleada with veggies, avocado or ground beef, rice, beans, tortillas, and coffee. Baleadas are wheat flour tortillas stuffed with mashed fried beans. They are the most popular and original type of foods in Honduras. Lunch and dinner for them is kind of the same. Most men in Honduras would most likely eat dinner because they would go to work. Lunch for people there is pastelito(flour or corn tortilla) filled with beef or chicken. Dinner for them there is chicken, pork, or beef. They also have rise, mashed potatoes, or French fries with it. Thus, the food there is a little bit different than the food you see in Mexican restaurants'. Below here is a picture of Baleadas.
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