The God of the Sea

The Earthshaker

Poseidon was a violent and moody god, it was known that when he struck the land with his trident earthquakes would occur. When he struck the sea tsunamis would appear. He also had a calm mood. He could stretch out his hand and still the sea and raise new land out of the water.

King of the Sea

Before Poseidon was the god of the Sea, the sea was ruled by Nereus, son of Mother Earth and Pontus, the seas. When Poseidon, the Olympian, came along to take over the sea, Nereus gave Poseidon his daughter Amphitrite for his queen and retired to an underwater grotto, giving them his underwater palace.

Poseidon's family

Poseidon, like Zeus, had many wives and kids. For example, Hestia,Pluto,Zeus,Hera, and Demeter. He had a lot of kids. Amphitrite was not jealous of his other wives.