Second Amendment

By: Shimarion Mitchell

Full text of the Admendment from the constitution

Imagine having no rights.The government tells you what you can or can't say.You can't choose your religion.The government controls what newspapers and magazines print.If you complain,you get thrown into jail.You could be locked up for years without ever getting trial.Thanks to the Bill Of Rights,Americans don't have to worry about losing their rights.The Bill Of Rights is the first 10 Amendment to the constitution.These Amendments list rights that belong to all-Americans.The Bill Of Rights protects citizens of the u.s you don't have to be wealthy or powerful the rights will protect anyone including you.

The History of the Amendment

The second Amendment contains two distinct phrases.It states that ''the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.''This statement has caused people to wonder if the right to bear arms is an individual or group right.

Second Amendment in my own words

The Second Amendment is to protect the country,some people have to serve as soldiers.But even if your not one you can still protect yourself from guns because the government can't stop people from owning guns and protecting themselves.

Supreme court case

The year was 2007 in April and it was a gun case, a school shooting at a university.The reason why the student is going to court is because he legally purchased handguns to kill 32 people at his school called Virginia Tech university.The courts decision was to put him in prison for life.

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